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What a lovely stay with such a gracious hostess!I have so loved your artistic sensibility and what you have created here.We will be back!


Edna Cole and Bill Hilton from Los Osos,CA, USA

If you're looking for a beautiful, luxury but Mexican style hotel (bed and breakfast), this is "THE PLACE "! El Angel Azul is one of the most gorgeous place… Read more...

The heavy door to El Ángel Azul opens into a cool, quiet room with a soaring ceiling and thick plaster walls that shut out the sights and sounds of… Read more...


El Angel Azul Hacienda

The Hotel

A serene hotel just 10 minutes walk from the La Paz seafront with a beautifully designed garden enclosed within a peaceful courtyard.

Step off the plane at La Paz airport and you are in the hot heart of a dusty Western... the surrounding landscape is desert, the sun beats down mercilessly on the cowering buildings, and in summer the streets of the town are deserted. But just off the Avenida Independencia is a heavenly haven from this scorching setting: El Angel Azul Hacienda ("The Blue Angel"). Discernible only by a blue sign and door set in bleached white walls, this stylish hotel was a former courthouse that had lain empty for 20 years.

Scrupulously restored by the current owner, Swiss-born Esther Ammann, it has a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere, with rooms facing the cacti-filled courtyard under shaded colonnades. With shrines, sculptures, paintings, even an ensenada (clay ‘day of the dead’ skeleton) dotted about the garden, it feels more like staying in the villa of an arty friend. Esther has turned a shell into a local landmark and is definitely a cool host who knows how to stay cool in a hot town.

Baja California Sur


The Baja California peninsula extends 1,100 km from the U.S. border to the southern tip. Its widest point is approx. 230 km. Most of it is separated from mainland Mexico by the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California). It has a long, varied coastline on both sides.


The Baja features four major mountain ranges: Sierra Juarez, Sierra de San Pedro Martir, Sierra de la Giganta, Sierra de la Laguna, and many minor ranges. Much of Baja California is desert or mountains with beautiful beaches.