...was formerly the town’s courthouse. It has been completely renovated and redesigned
with a touch of mexican hacienda. El Angel Azul is located a short walking distance from
the waterfront (Malecón), restaurants, shops and museums.

    Triple Crown Baja Getaway
										  – A Learning Vacation Special

    offers students:
  • A 10% discount on current rooms rates.
    Some restrictions apply.*
  • A choice of accommodations to suit your needs.
  • A delicious breakfast prepared at a special time to get you to class on time.
We’re proud to team up with Se Habla...La Paz, Spanish Language School, and
Buen Provecho La Paz for Mexican cooking classes.

For more information about El Angel Azul, click on the logo on the upper left for the home
page or on the Reservations tab above to reserve your place in the Triple Crown program.
» Triple Crown Baja Getaway
									  – A Learning Vacation Special «

Dates: 28 Oct 2013 thru 14 Mar 2014 • Blackout dates: 21 Dec 2013 to 5 Jan 2014
Contact your accommodation of choice to secure the dates.

Registration: With any of the participating businesses.
Please mention Triple Crown package to qualify for discount pricing.

Availability: Be sure to check with the Accommodation of your choice before finalizing
your plans – Advanced booking highly recommended for this special offer.

Pricing: (Depends on Accommodation selected)
The costs for Se Habla...La Paz and Buen Provecho La Paz are provided below for
this 3-pronged program. We will be happy to help calculate your cost.
Cost Summary:   Language Program $225   • Cooking Classes $193   • Accommodation $___
Total $___