Old Hacienda style Bed & Breakfast in the heart of town with privacy and excellent service.


A small historic B&B Hotel in the middle of La Paz. Find out why the guests call el angel azul the most beautiful hotel in La Paz.


The Angel Azul has earned a place in the recently published edition of “Best Places” for Baja California Sur – the editors of which visit places anonymously and they… Read more...
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The Most Beautiful B&B Hotel in La Paz

The Hotel

El ángel azul is a La Paz landmark with more than 140 years of history and is considered by the INAH (National Institution of Anthropology and History) as an historic monument.

Located in the heart of La Paz, the building was formerly the town’s courthouse. It has been completely renovated and redesigned as a traditional hotel under the authority and supervision of the INAH.

El ángel azul is a B&B-Hotel with the touch of a mexican hacienda. el ángel azul is quietly secluded in central downtown La Paz, in short walking distance to the waterfront (Malecón), restaurants, shops and museums.

Baja California Sur


The Baja California peninsula extends 1,100 km from the U.S. border to the southern tip. Its widest point is approx. 230 km. Most of it is separated from mainland Mexico by the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California). It has a long, varied coastline on both sides.


The Baja features four major mountain ranges: Sierra Juarez, Sierra de San Pedro Martir, Sierra de la Giganta, Sierra de la Laguna, and many minor ranges. Much of Baja California is desert or mountains with beautiful beaches.